Athena | Cleanse 5 Gal

Athena | Cleanse

Size 5 gallons

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Athena | Cleanse

Size 5 gallons


It's made from the ideal (and safe) root enhancer, hypochlorous acid. This safe and gentle acid is obtained from a unique salt and electrochemical treatment process.

The result is a unique, plant-safe chemical with powerful oxidative properties.

This will keep your root area clean and free from organic matter and mineral build-up. These special properties help reduce the size of minerals in various planting materials. Main features Non-toxic and contains no nutrients.


– Safe for plants in the growth stage Irrigation system scale removal and decomposition of residual organic matter. Effective as a final rinse to remove mineral buildup (scale) in the growing medium and irrigation lines. Very low TDS.

– Does not leave the balance of minerals Effective as a final rinse to clean the planting media.

Helps keep your irrigation system clean and working efficiently for longer. Reduce the accumulation of quality minerals


Recommended: Mix Athena Cleanse at a rate of 5-10 mL/gallon of water during the final rinse step.

To help reduce the accumulation of mineral residues in the culture medium and plant tissues.

Reducing excess minerals at the end of life encourages plants to produce more oils, aromas, and flavors associated with a quality final product.