Athena | Pro Fade 5 Gal

Athena | Fade

Size 5 gallons

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Athena | Fade

Size 5 gallons


To correct the shortcomings of the traditional flush method. We have developed a product called Fade.

It is a nitrogen-free final additive that helps your plants retain nutrients. and want to ensure that the plant will not starve during its final stages.

After thorough testing We found that using Fade with Pro Bloom over the last 2 weeks The flowers increase production of all cannabinoids and terpenes without increasing the risk of deficiency and bud rot.


Traditional cleaning techniques consist of using only RO water for 1 week or more.

Reducing the amount of solution containing fertilizer nutrients These methods reduce or remove important plant nutrients.

such as calcium and trace elements This damages the overall crop and may lead to rotting of the inner blossoms.


Instructions for use

- Fade 51ml/10 liters of water

-Use the last 2-3 weeks to make flowers, changing from Core to Fade.

-Recommended to use with Bloom.