Athena | Pro Balance 25 Lb

Athena | Pro Balance
Size 25 pounds

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Athena | Pro Balance

Size 25 pounds


It is a pH adjuster that can be dissolved in water.


Especially suitable for professional growers. For use with advanced fertilizer systems such as Dosatron and Netaflex.

Athena Pro Balance allows growers to customize the intensity of pH adjustment to suit their needs.

Pro Balance may be mixed at a rate of 0.25 - 1 pound per gallon.

Adjust the mix ratio and injection rate depending on the amount of pH adjustment required.


Instructions for use

Always wear protective equipment when using it.

Mix in clean water at a concentration of 0.25-1 pound per gallon (40-120 grams per liter).

Mix in the required amount to bring the fertilizer solution to the target pH.

Calibrate your pH meter before measuring for best accuracy.

Mixing Pro Balance causes a heat reaction while mixing. Should be allowed to cool completely before use.