Humidity control pouch and sieve holder for use with bottles Mason Jar wide mouth

Suitable for storage Dried herbs, dried fruit, Integra Boost sachet to prevent moisture sachet. Contact with herbs or ingredients that you want to control humidity. in your glass jar.

Keep oxygen out The lid and two straps of the jar Prevents outside air from entering the jar when the lid is closed. Convenient design The Kerr Wide Mouth jar holder allows the sachet to control humidity from the contents of the jar and makes it easy to change the sachet. Convenient.

Integra Boost Humidity Control technology works by releasing or absorbing humidity as needed to maintain a relative humidity of 62%.

How to use:
1. Clean the sieve before use.
2. Replace the humidity control pouch when the food inside Storage Start to dry down.

Product Details:

Quantity: 3 sieves
Number of humidity control sachets: Integra boost 62% 4g 10 sachets

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